Life in Japan (1994-96 & 2000)

Joining a Japanese government exchange program and working for two years in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher was a life-altering experience. I was assigned to teach English in a bucolic and beautiful village in the mountains of Gunma prefecture called Komochi, which is now part of Shibukawa City. I was immersed in Japanese culture and life; and everyday was an adventure. Four years later, I had the opportunity to return and was welcomed back as a returning son. To this day, Komochi remains my unforgettable Japanese hometown.

In 2008, I returned once again; and this time, to bid farewell to a dying friend, who sadly passed away a few months later. I'm truly grateful for the kindness and friendship she gave me all these years. I dedicate this videopic to her.

Music: The Gift (Mr. Children)

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