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 My interest in genealogy and history prompted me to create this site. I thought that it's time that I share what I've learned about my family as there may be others out there who may be in the process of researching our family origins. 

I'm fortunate to have inherited the memoirs of my grandfather, Lolo Crispin, which he wrote in English and contains original documents and letters from 1913 until 1958 that he meticulously compiled and organized.

These form a collective memory that spans important milestones in Philippine history. He had shown it to me once as a teen when I visited Manila in the 80s.  In 1994, my Uncle Jose handed it to me for safe keeping.  

In it, Lolo Crispin expressed his intent for writing his memoirs which was to acquaint my wife and family of my studies, the positions I've occupied and the accomplishments and hardships I have undergone from the time I entered the public schools up to the time of my retirement on April 5, 1958 after forty-seven years of service in the government.  

Lolo never depended on luck. Through hard work and by dreaming big, he was able to make the most out of life.  I find his life inspiring and through this medium, I hope to retell his story and keep his memory alive.  And so, I dedicate this site to him and my father, Eugene Sañosa.

I have many fond memories of Lolo. As a boy growing up in Manila (and perhaps due to the proximity of our birthdays as mine followed his),  Lolo would drop by our house on my birthday bringing treats like my favorite ice cream; and from the time we moved to the United States until his demise, he encouraged me to do my best.  

Similarly, my father, together with my wonderful mother, always stood by me despite my being a difficult teenager. Dad always taught by example and never failed to remind that because life is short, one mustn't waste time. He also had this ability to shrug off life's misfortunes due to his optimism and positive spirit. He always believes that tomorrow will be a better day.

Both men were determined, ambitious, and courageous for venturing out in order to fulfill their dreams. They did so with gusto and no regrets. 

Finally, I hope that this site will spark an interest in one's roots, and trigger once again the wonderful memories and stories of loved ones who are now long gone; and that through this process, we rediscover who we really are. 

Thanks for dropping by. 


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