Tribute to Salvacion S. Ceballos (March 1, 1922 - July 16, 2011)

Salvacion Sañosa Ceballos, much-loved matriarch of the Ceballos family and grande dame of the Sañosa family, passed away on July 16, 2011 at the age of 89 in Cainta, Rizal. Salvacion (Manay) was the second eldest of nine children by Crispin and Florentina Sañosa. She lived a truly amazing and wonderful life. Her memory lives on especially in her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Salvacion is survived by her children: Ricardo, Rose, Lydia(Beng), Emma, Emily, Josie and Gigitte. May she rest in peace.


Keep fighting on!

The Long Road to Recovery: December 2010 - January 2011
Mycourageous parents continue to inspire and teach about the meaning of life.

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The Philippines Revisited - 2007

Three generations of Sañosas headed back to the old country. It was a homecoming, rediscovery and new discovery all rolled into one. It was a time to reconnect with family including a loved one that had long since passed. A trip to Cebu and Bohol was cancelled when my father dreamt of his brother asking him to visit Daraga, Albay where his grave is located and family resides. It was a memorable trip, full of reunions and laughter not to mention culinary delights!

Music: Let Me Take You There (by Plain White T's)

Life in Japan (1994-96 & 2000)

Joining a Japanese government exchange program and working for two years in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher was a life-altering experience. I was assigned to teach English in a bucolic and beautiful village in the mountains of Gunma prefecture called Komochi, which is now part of Shibukawa City. I was immersed in Japanese culture and life; and everyday was an adventure. Four years later, I had the opportunity to return and was welcomed back as a returning son. To this day, Komochi remains my unforgettable Japanese hometown.

In 2008, I returned once again; and this time, to bid farewell to a dying friend, who sadly passed away a few months later. I'm truly grateful for the kindness and friendship she gave me all these years. I dedicate this videopic to her.

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Andalusian Days - (Spain: 1990-1995)

Puerto Santa Maria in Cadiz, Andalucia was the venue for our family gatherings throughout the early part of the 90s. It was a wonderful time replete with long conversations over dinner, evening walks along the beach and discovering places together. Those were happy times indeed.

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The Awesome 80s

We packed up our bell bottoms and welcomed the New Wave. The 80s was an awesome decade (yep, "awesome" was an 80s slang) containing important milestones in the lives of the Sañosas and their relatives. There were graduations, weddings, health challenges, career changes, relocations not to mention business ventures. There were successes as well as failures. Despite life's hiccups, folks remained resilient and forged ahead in search for a better tomorrow.

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So Far Away

The 70s was an important decade for my family as we left behind our home in the Philippines to start a new life in the U.S. It wasn't an easy transition. We stayed connected with our relatives both in the U.S. and in the Philippines, some of whom dropped by for visits.

Music: So Far Away (by Carol King)

Saigon Memories

Dad was one of the international engineers working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Vietnam. He worked there for quite some time and was initially assigned to Camp Cu Chi, the base camp of the 25th Infantry Division (underneath of which were later discovered tunnels built by the VCs). Saigon seemed oblivious to the war, its streets teeming with activity from women rushing about in Áo Dàis riding scooters with baguettes tucked under their arms, street vendors selling exotic fruits to the radios blasting the latest American and French pop hits.

Music: L'anamour (by Ivy) & Comment te dire Adieu (by Françoise Hardy)

Sunny childhood

Part I
Truly blessed with a happy childhood and wonderful parents. They may be elderly now, but mom and dad sure were cool and hip back in the day. Cherished moments indeed.

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Part II
Mom loved taking pictures and she was the photographer behind most of these shots using her now classic Yashica camera.

Music: Here Comes the Sun (Beatles)

Photographs & Memories

Part I
Like silent moving pictures, the stories that these classic images and cherished memories evoke are as timeless as the sea. Unfortunately, I am not able to name everyone in the group photo taken in the 50s at Lucky Press in Manila. Come take a stroll down memory lane.

Music: Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso (by Ennio Morricone)

 Part II
A picture is worth a thousand words and these family photos not only harken back to an unforgettable time but also depict a family's journey together through the years. Every person here has a story to tell...some well known others forgotten in time. There were dreams pursued, different roads taken as well as loves won and lost. For some, the adventure still continues.

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